Hearing Conservation Program

What is a Baseline Audiogram?

 The baseline audiogram is the reference audiogram against which future audiograms are compared. Employers must provide baseline audiograms within 6 months of an employee’s first exposure at or above an 8-hour TWA of85 dB. An exception is allowed when the employer uses a mobile test van for audiograms. In these instances, baseline audiograms must be completed within 1 year after an employee’s first exposure to workplace noise at or above aTWA of 85 dB. 

What are Annual Audiograms

 Employers must provide annual audiograms within 1 year of the baseline. Employers must compare annual audiograms to baseline audiograms to determine whether the audiogram is valid and whether the employee has lost hearing ability or experienced a standard threshold shift (STS). An STS is an average shift in either earof 10 dB or more at 2,000, 3,000, and 4,000 hertz.

What can We do for Your Company

 At Company Health we can help you set baseline audiograms as well performing and evaluating annual audiograms using dedicated software that has the ability to perform age correction.  

CAOHC Certified Technicians

Follow the link for the OSHA publication for Hearing Conservation: